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Whew!  What happened to the first half of 2007?  It must be true that the older we get the faster time flies.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit behind on my goals for this year!  However… 

"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still."
Chinese Proverb

So, let’s move on and get back on track!

If you haven’t reached your optimum health goals, don’t give up!  Remember, in most cases, it’s not the program that failed; it’s that we failed to stick to the program.  Even when we move forward slowly, it’s better than quitting all together.

Move forward!
To revitalize your weight loss/weight management plan and to boost your energy and focus, re-order Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea and Youthin at www.doctormillerstea.com.   Also, be sure to check out our “Weight Loss Tips” found on the website.  These are good no-nonsense tips to help keep us moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

Updates and New Stuff
We enjoy reading your success stories, so keep them coming!  There will soon be updates to our website and we invite you to visit often.  Actually, I’ve developed a new “diet” plan for me and my husband that I will share soon.  It’s very basic and VERY simple.  I even have a daily checklist that makes following the plan super easy.  Of course, basic staples of the plan continue to be Holy Tea and Youthin.  I literally can’t live without them! 

Others vs. Us

Some of you may have discovered a handful of other distributors selling Holy Tea and Youthin at different prices; some less and some more than what you have

found at www.doctormillerstea.com.  When we began allowing these individuals to sell our tea, we provided pricing guidelines for all to follow.  Some have chosen to deviate from that pricing structure in order to capture business from other distributors.  In spite of many requests to correct pricing, it continues to be an issue.  Therefore, if you find an advertised price for Dr. Millers Holy Tea or Youthin that is less than what we offer, WE WILL MATCH THAT PRICE.    

We very much appreciate our customers and want to give you the best deal around.  In addition to offering the best on-line price, we promise to deliver the absolute best service and fastest shipping.  Period.  

One bragging right that we have at DoctorMillersTea.com is that we work directly with Dr. Miller on a daily basis.  We are located in Jackson, TN along with Dr. Miller and his Heath and Wellness Clinics.  When you order from us, you can be confident that you will receive authentic products directly from Dr. Miller.  Beware of those websites who claim to be “Official” sites of Dr. Miller.

As always, THANKS for your business and keep in touch!

Joanne Taylor
Executive Director
Doctor Miller’s Holy Tea

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