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Holy Tea Ingredients

Rich in vitamin C.  Helps to prevent allergy symptoms and itching.

Additional Information  

Allergies are your body's overreaction to allergens, which can range from animals to food to plants. Normally, your immune system protects your body from harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses and toxins by producing antibodies. If you have an allergy, your body overreacts to exposure to certain allergens by producing antibodies which cause the symptoms you experience.

Many people treat their allergies with pharmaceutical drugs. These treatments provide rapid, temporary relief by masking the symptoms. But the symptoms reoccur when the drugs wear off, and the drugs themselves can trigger side effects like dry mouth and nasal passages or lethargy. And who needs more discomfort?

Botanical extracts offer a safe and effective way to alleviate symptoms, while avoiding the unpleasant side effects of conventional drugs. Studies have shown that supplements containing healthy phytochemicals and botanical extracts such as Persimmon Leaves work to alleviate symptoms without negative side effects.

Botanical extracts also help treat the real cause of long-term allergy problems - the immune system's excessive release of allergy-inducing chemicals -- by inhibiting histamine release and correcting immune system dysfunctions. That's good news for allergy sufferers.

Allergies make you miserable!  Instead of relying on pharmaceuticals that provide temporary relief and add different symptoms to the mix, why not try Holy Tea which contains the proven extract of Persimmon Leaves?

Take control of your allergies - NATURALLY!!

Malva Leaves are used medicinally, often made into a tea to sooth membranes of the digestive system. Malva Leaf is high in mucilaginous materials, making it suitable as a protector of the respiratory system and a soother of the lungs. It is indicated in cases of bronchitis, emphysema, and when bronchial irritation is present. Malva Leaf is mildly astringent and diuretic, and has been used to treat gastroenteritis, stomachache, and conditions of the spleen.

Source – Viable Herbal Solutions, Inc.

Holy thistle has been used medicinally for over 2000 years, most commonly for the treatment of liver and gallbladder disorders. It supports the liver in the release of toxins; its products are popular in Europe and the United States for various types of liver disease. Holy thistle is believed to have great power in the purification and circulation of the blood. It is such a good blood purifier that drinking a cup of thistle tea twice a day will cure chronic headaches. Used for stomach and digestive problems, gas in the intestines, constipation, and liver troubles. It is very effective for dropsy, strengthens the heart, and is good for the liver, lungs, and kidneys.

Additional Information

Milk/Holy Thistle contains silymarin, which may have specific protective effects on cells in the liver.  Silymarin and other chemicals in milk thistle are believed to protect liver cells in several different ways:  

  • Contains antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are thought to prevent or lessen damage to body cells that is caused by a chemical process called oxidation.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects of silymarin help keep liver cells from swelling in response to injury.
  • Silymarin seems to encourage the liver to grow new cells, while discouraging the formation of inactive fibrous tissue.
  • By changing the outside layer of liver cells, silymarin may also keep certain harmful chemicals from getting into liver cells.

Holy Thistle may also cause the immune system to be more active.  Silymarin and other chemicals from Holy Thistle have also been tested in laboratory studies involving various types of human cancer cells. In general, they seem to interrupt cancer cell division as well as shortening the time that cancer cells live. They may also stop or limit the formation of new blood vessels that supply tumors. Most research has centered on breast cancer and prostate cancer, but Holy Thistle may also be useful in treating other cancers such as leukemia. Additionally, some chemicals from Holy Thistle may increase the effectiveness of current anticancer drugs. Some of these anticancer effects are being studied in early-phase human trials, but none is yet confirmed.

Source – www.drugdigest.org

Marshmallow (Althea officinalis)—the herb, not the white puffy confection roasted over a campfire—has been used for centuries as both a food and a medicine. Its botanical name comes from the Greek word "altho," which means "to cure." The Romans, Chinese, Egyptians, and Syrians used marshmallow as a source of food, while the Arabs made poultices from its leaves and applied this to the skin to reduce inflammation. The mucilage, or gummy secretion, in the leaves and particularly the root is helpful for soothing sore throats, chapped skin, and minor wounds.

Professional herbalists may recommend marshmallow for the following health problems based on its long history of use in traditional healing systems, as well as results of laboratory studies.  

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Common cold/sore throat
  • Cough
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Weight loss aid (marshmallow swells with fluid and gives a sense of fullness)
  • Wound healing

Source – University of Maryland Medical Center – www.umm.edu

By mouth, blessed thistle products are used primarily to treat gastrointestinal complaints such as indigestion and diarrhea. Blessed thistle can also be applied to relieve skin wounds.

Note:  Although the plants appear similar, Blessed Thistle has much different uses than Milk/Holy Thistle

Source – www.drugdigest.org

Warning:  This product contains cathartic herbs.  Pregnant and nursing women, elderly, children and individuals suffering from any illness or health condition should consult with a physician before starting this or any other cleansing exercise of weight management program. 

Holy Tea Preparation & Directions for Use
Two tea bags will make one gallon. This will typically last one person one week; however, your body will let you know if you need more tea or if you should make it stronger.
Don’t be concerned if you experience slight discomfort for the first couple of days.  This is when your body is being cleansed of uneliminated waste.  With daily, consistent use of Holy Tea discomfort will not exist.


  • Bring a gallon of water to a full rolling boil – you may include your favorite decaffeinated tea bags
  • Turn off the stove, remove regular tea bags and drop in two or three Holy Tea tea bags
  • Cover, and let STEEP for at least four to eight hours. This brings the herbs to full potency.
  • Pour into pitcher with favorite sweetener (suggest Equal or Splenda) leaving Holy Tea bags in beverage until all is consumed.
  • Refrigerate and it’s ready to drink.

Holy Tea can be mixed with any of your favorite beverages such as juice or Crystal Light (Raspberry Ice is yummy!).
If you prefer hot tea, do hot heat in the microwave – use the stovetop.

Directions for Consumption:
Drink 8 oz. with Breakfast and 8 oz. with Dinner.  Drink 4 oz with snacks.  If you feel you need more, you may drink 4 – 8 oz. with lunch. 

After drinking the gallon of tea, do not discard tea bags!  The tea herbs are excellent for cooking.  Dry the used tea bags and simply add to any food:  soups, spaghetti, chili, stews, salads, potatoes, etc.